Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bogey?

Publication date: September, 2018
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bogey? cover

Ugh! A massive slimy green bogey is never a welcome sight, but the Big Bad Bogey breaks ALL the rules of politeness. This icky green, mean monster is popping up in your favourite fairy tales – and he doesn’t care whose story he ruins! He crashes through Little Red Riding Hood’s house. He oozes into Goldilock’s porridge. (So gross.) He even smashes Cinderella’s carriage! Can ANYONE stop him? This brilliantly yucky booger is going to make you laugh like crazy – but we’re warning you! Don’t go near this book without your tissues close by!


A lively plot with an amusingly naughty protagonist. Try some for the ‘Dinosaur pooped’ crowd.
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✭✭✭✭✭ really brightened up my day today. I had to laugh out loud
A brilliant read packed full of belly-laughs that is a dream for children 3 and up!
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