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Shackleton: Adventure Awaits

All aboard for the first Shackleton adventure! Shackleton loves to travel the world, but it can get lonely. Then he meets some new friends, Fisher and Dundee. They have no time to waste – there’s a meteor heading straight for Fisher’s family in New Zealand! Shackleton sets sail immediately, sure that he’ll think of a…

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Before After: A Musical Love Story

Music and Lyrics by Stuart Matthew Price Book and Additional Lyrics by Timothy Knapman Based on an original concept by Stuart Matthew PriceAmi meets Ben by a tree on a beautiful hillside. She recognises him instantly – they were once very much in love. But Ben doesn’t remember her at all. What went so terribly wrong in the…

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The Emperor’s Sculpture

The Emperor of the animal kingdom is tiny. But he demands a giant sculpture is made of him to show just how important he is. This means trouble for Scribbles the Baboon who is an amazing artist, but doesn’t know how to carve a statue! Scribbles tries every material he can think of, but nothing…

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