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The Enormous Turnip

Mario and Jake are two brothers who have grown apart. When an enormous turnip grows on Jake’s empty farm, he is delighted! However, Mario is not too happy about this turn of events… Can this enormous turnip mend their relationship? Read on to find out whether this turnip is worth more than its weight in…

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Before After: A Musical Love Story

Music and Lyrics by Stuart Matthew Price Book and Additional Lyrics by Timothy Knapman Based on an original concept by Stuart Matthew PriceAmi meets Ben by a tree on a beautiful hillside. She recognises him instantly – they were once very much in love. But Ben doesn’t remember her at all. What went so terribly wrong in the…

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Whisked Away

Baker Jake bakes wonderful homemade cakes, but the day before he is due to take part in a TV baking competition, his special whisk goes missing! Without it, Jake fears he will be beaten by the fiendish Maureen Buttercream, owner of the soulless “Cakes-U-Like” chain. So who has stolen the whisk? By the time the…

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