What’s Next?

Publication date: March, 2019
What's Next? cover

Curious Baby Badger loves exploring. He is eager to see, and know, more of the world beyond his den. So, one night, his daddy takes him on a moonlit adventure through the still, black-and-white forest up above their underground home. And that sets Baby Badger’s imagination soaring. What’s daytime like? he wonders. What’s next?

A tender father and son story of adventure, discovery and the comforting pull of home, paired with rich, evocative illustrations from Jane McGuinness.


This beautifully-illustrated book really brings to life the constant push-pull of life with an energetic toddler and the portrayal of the father-son relationship is really heartwarming.
Ivy’s Library
Time and again Timothy creates wonderful picture book stories. Here’s another winner… A smashing book to share with little ones that will likely stimulate interest in the natural world.
Red Reading Hub
This is a lovely story with some very sweet illustrations which children and adults will love...I really enjoyed this story, particularly with the illustrations which are so beautiful.
The Strawberry Post
This is a wonderful, sweet book that shows the beautiful relationship between a father and son as well as how inquisitive a little one can be.
Whispering Stories