Time Travel Sleepover: Knights and Castles

Publication date: July, 2024
Time Travel Sleepover Knights and Castles cover

Pack your bag for a fun sleepover in Medieval times! Join two friends and their cheeky ginger cat as they travel back in time.

Meet Medieval brother and sister Hubert and Eloise, who invite our heroes into their home. Together, they:

• Explore the ancient castle and city
• Dress up as knights
• Work on the farm
• Visit a medieval doctor!
• Enter a jousting tournament
• Feast with the family

And they end their day with a fun sleepover!

Discover how Medieval kids lived with this book full of colourful and flashy speech bubbles, fact files and interactive maps. History is made fun and laid out across many pages to give you a clear and easy-to-understand guide to the past.

What are the parts of a castle called? What did Barons wear? How did servants bake bread? How did monks and nuns live? What is a Lady’s Favour? What did jesters do? And why did medieval beds have curtains?

Find out the answers to all these questions and many, many more in this funny and factual journey through time.

This captivating story is a great way to bring the past to life. With engaging illustrations, little readers will really feel like they are living like kids from long ago! Learning about the past has never been so playful and fun. Support their learning and open the window to the past with this vibrant and enjoyable story.