Time Travel Sleepover: Ancient Egypt

Publication date: August, 2023
Time Travel Sleepover: Ancient Egypt cover

Pack your bags and have a sleepover in Ancient Egypt! Join two friends and their mischievous cat who happen to be able to time travel!
Travel with these bold adventurers, via a striking gatefold spread, into Ancient Egypt and meet siblings Tuya and Senbi who invite them into their home.
Tuya and Senbi show them around their house and their city, transporting the visitors and the readers into the everyday life of an Egyptian kid.
We explore their house, play their favourite games, dress up in jewels, learn who are their favourite gods, favourite snacks and what they dream of being when they grow up. The time travellers end their eventful day with a family feast and a sleepover at their hosts’ house.
Timothy Knapman’s text is funny and informative, and the scenarios the kids – and cat – find themselves in lead to lots of visual gags and funny character interaction and misunderstandings.
Well-researched historical facts are introduced in a gentle, playful way. Warm, comical and engaging illustrations from Matt Robertson bring the past alive so the reader really feels like they are living like kids from long ago.


I thought that this book was excellent…It is 5 stars from me for this one, very highly recommended and a fun and informative read too!
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