The Wind in the Willows

Publication date: June, 2021
The Wind in the Willows cover

A stylishly foiled gift picture book celebrating 90 years of the most world’s most beloved children’s classic!

Mole is scared by everything – and especially the Wild Wood! But when he meets Ratty, Badger and Toad, his new friends show him that what may seem scary at first – like messing about in boats! – can also be lots of fun.

But is Mole ready for the biggest adventure of all? Saving Toad Hall from a mischievous band of weasels and stoats?

Kenneth Grahame’s delightful characters, Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad, have been entertaining the world for 90 years. This stunning anniversary picture book introduces their famous adventures to 3+ readers, with timeless illustrations from E. H. Shepard, the artist who created the iconic images of Winnie-the-Pooh.


"expertly retold version… Knapman captures the essential plot developments of Grahame’s story in picture-book format very well indeed…Retellings aren’t always a success when they have to be adapted considerably from the original, but I firmly believe that Knapman does the job brilliantly – and that Grahame would approve.”
"Does it read aloud well is key and in this instance the answer is a resounding yes. Herein, there’s a certain musicality to Timothy’s narrative (‘And there was the river itself, chasing and chuckling along, like a magical sparkling animal.’): it retains the essence of the original”
Jill Bennett Red Reading Hub