The Book of Blast Off!

Publication date: February, 2023
The Book of Blast Off cover

We look out of our window at the dark and twinkling sky. It’s full of stars and planets and there’s comets whooshing by. We want to go and see them, there’s so much to explore.
So let’s count down and blast off – then we can find out more!
Telling the story of 15 real life space missions in verse, including the moon landing, Voyager 1’s journey into interstellar space and Perseverance’s exploration of Mars. With stacks of pics and info at the back of the book for when they want to find out more, it’s the perfect gift for that 4+ wannabe astrophysicist or budding astronaut in your life!


This stunningly illustrated is a collection of 15 real-life space missions, written in rhyming verse. It features Sputnik 1, the first satellite to orbit Earth, the launch of Friendship 7, Mariner 4, and even Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s landing on the moon, amongst others. With gorgeous labelled illustrations and a few photos in the last back matter section, it also features more factual information on the space missions mentioned throughout the book, just perfect for the little ones who get curious about them. This book is perfect if you have children fascinated with space, just like mine - particularly my son.
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An adorable dog in astronaut gear is the guide and narrator of this peppy, rhyming jaunt through space…fun introduction to space exploration