Sometimes I Just WON’T

Publication date: August, 2022
Sometimes I Just WON’T cover

Sometimes I Just WON’T is a hilarious and helpful book about the ever-changing moods of small children, from top picture book pairing, Timothy Knapman and Joe Berger.

Being a toddler is an emotional rollercoaster. Some days you want to put your coat on, you don’t mind sharing and you can’t wait to have your bath. There are days when you’re the first to slide down the biggest slide, or join in with everyone else. But some days, you just WON’T! And sometimes that’s OK. But, with a little kindness and encouragement, you might find that something you don’t want to do can become something you love to do!

A comic look at child autonomy and how to navigate strong emotions. An essential read for all young children – and their adults because, big or small, sometimes we ALL need to feel in charge. With bouncing rhythmic text and lively, graphic illustrations this is a brilliant follow up to Sometimes I am Furious, a Sunday Times Book of the Year 2021!


Longlisted for the Book Trust Storytime Prize
Book Trust
A hilarious look at strong toddler emotions and navigating “just won’t”.
The Guardian
This terrific follow up to Sometimes I am Furious is written in Timothy Knapman’s jaunty rhyming first person narrative and Joe Berger’s splendidly expressive illustrations capture the emotions with humour that works for both children and adults.
Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub
Remember last Summer’s fantastic cover for this creative pairing’s ‘Sometimes I am Furious’… the very cross little girl holding her ice cream cone with spats of ice cream all over the ground! So brilliant it made one of the Sunday Times books of the year 2021. Yay! So happy to see a new book in this series. Young children are very single-minded and some more than others, especially when it comes to seeing the very inviting muddy puddles outside in the pouring rain and refusing to wear a raincoat or wellies. This little boy is in an obstinate state about many things it seems… sharing toys with others, eating his peas, going to bed, having his bath… sound familiar?! His parents are looking a bit frazzled. Spending a bit of time with Grandma at the park and a calming cuddly chat together helps the little boy to see that something he won’t do might be something he loves to do after all! A fantastic tale for all
The Kids’ Books Curator