Sometimes I Am Furious

Publication date: June, 2021
Some Times I Am Furious cover

Sometimes I Am Furious is a hilarious and reassuring story about how tough it can be being – and having – a toddler, from bestselling duo Timothy Knapman and Joe Berger. Life is all fun and games when everything’s going your way. But some days, suddenly, something becomes horribly UNFAIR. A melting ice cream, a too-tight t-shirt, a boy who doesn’t share… it’s enough to make you FURIOUS. But, as this little girl discovers, it’s nothing that a deep breath, a happy song and a good cuddle can’t sort out. A funny, friendly and relatable book for young children (and their parents) about emotions and how to handle them.


Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week “A book to help small children understand not only their own difficult emotions, but those of people around them, with comforting resolution.”
Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times (£)
"Easily the most read book by my littlest reader these last few days… This sweet and funny, rhyming story captures perfectly the everyday struggles battled by a tiny toddler who is working out how to deal with some huge emotions.”
We(e) Read(s) Online
"this delightfully funny story”
"What a smashing way to present to little ones (and grown ups) the gamut of emotions that are part and parcel of toddler life, as well as some simple strategies to deal with life’s lows. In their dynamic delivery – verbal and visual – of one of life’s vital lessons, team Timothy and Joe have created a cracking book”
Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub