Princesses Break Free

Publication date: July, 2022
Princesses Break Free cover

A fun, wild adventure challenging the stereotypical image of the poised, preened damsel; this princess takes life into her own hands without waiting around for anybody else.
We begin our story in a fairy tale world like any other – princesses in distress are rescued by valiant and dashing princes and live happily ever after. But for Tilly, sitting around waiting to be rescued by a prince is BORING. So … Tilly simply rescues herself! “This puny prison can’t hold me!” And it’s not long before word of Tilly’s exploits spreads across the kingdom and inspires other princesses to take their fate into their own hands, too.


A wild and wonderful fairy tale adventure… all-action, high-energy and humorous - with its fabulous cast of defiant princesses and traditional fairy tale settings – invites youngsters to buck the trend, reach for the sky and be whatever they want, instead of following a well-trodden and predetermined route into adulthood. Brimming with Løvlie’s stunning gallery of rich and colourful illustrations, and embodying messages perfectly fitted to a new generation of 21st century children, this is a modern fairy tale with a wickedly funny twist… and the perfect inspiration for your own little princesses!
Book Marked
Imagine a fairytale world where princesses, instead of having to wait to be rescued by a handsome prince, can take matters into their own hands. That’s the premise of this spirited tale centred on Tilly who, bored with being a damsel in distress, decides to rescue herself. Beautifully illustrated by Jenny Lovlie, Knapman challenges gender stereotypes while reminding youngsters that they can do anything they want.
Mail on Sunday
With its deliciously divergent Princess Tilly showing the way, Timothy’s tale is a real winner in my book. Equally winning are Jenny Løvlie’s action-packed scenes of fairytale characters coming into their own as they decide to follow Tilly’s example and think outside their various boxes.
Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub
Packed with humour, adventure and positive messages it is the perfect story for children to be reading and learning from… An inspirational book that encourages motivation, self-awareness and not to let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because of gender of differences…Inspirational, motivating and lots of fun! A book with an excellent message for your own little princesses … and princes. Definitely an easy 5* book for children
What’s Good To Read
5* a truly awesome book and one that every young princess (or prince) should read
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