Owls Are Cool

Publication date: January, 2022

Oscar is an owl; a COOL owl. And cool owls DO NOT fly – they RUN. ZOOOOOOOOOM! So when snowy owl Reggie comes along, swooping and swooshing through the sky, Oscar’s not impressed at all. But when Reggie crashes into a tree, Oscar discovers that maybe they are not so different from one another after all…

A funny and heartwarming story about how being different is cool. It introduces the burrowing owl and their spectacular legs and beautiful burrows to small children.


This is a sweet story showing how friendship can transcend differences and being different is ‘cool’.
Jill Bennett Red Reading Hub
The story of a budding friendship with a subtle message of recognising each others skills & abilities. Well told, gentle humour & fantastic illustrations bring it all together. Perfect for library/school collections or storytimes. Highly recommended
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