More Words For Music

2023 – Harry Birthday To Ya – lyrics for music by Bob Chilcott

Performed by the Sixteen at the birthday celebrations of their founder, Harry Christophers

2016 – Totally Fluxed – lyrics for music by Stuart Matthew Price

Performed by a big scary Jack in the Box, just when you least expected it.

For Chambers of Flavour V.2, an adventure by Gingerline

2014 – Downstream Technology song for BP – text set to the music of The Major-General’s Song by WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

Performed by Kit Hesketh-Harvey, produced and arranged by Barnaby Robson

2014 – Don’t Be Afraid – text for an Easter anthem for music by Joanne Casey

2011 – A Light in the Darkness – text for a Christmas anthem for music by Joanne Casey

2009 – Bel Canto – book for a musical revue, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2009 – We Can Always Move – poem for the Early Music Experiment

2008 – The Night Knight – libretto for a madrigal comedy with music by Scott Gendel

Commissioned by the University of Madison-Wisconsin

2007 – Poem Celebrating the 21 st birthday of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Performed by Simon Callow at the Royal Festival Hall

2007 – Cantari Dignus – text for music by John Bate

Commissioned by Kingston Festival of the Voice, first performed in Kingston Parish Church by the Thames Philharmonic Choir