My Uncle Foulpest: Dinosaur Disaster

Publication date: March, 2012

The second book in Tim’s hilarious series for ages 5+

Wally has chicken-pox and is desperate not to miss his best friend’s birthday party – and Foulpest reckons he knows exactly how to make him better. Unfortunately, though his magic medicine gets rid of Wally’s spots, it has a surprise side-effect…Wally has grown a dinosaur’s tail! Desperate to get rid of the tail in time for the party, it’s off to the doctor, where much hilarity ensues…The second story in this volume features Wally’s school trip to a haunted house – where Uncle Foulpest helps exact revenge on the school bully, who won’t be able to go crying to his Mummy…


The hilarious second instalment in the series by Timothy Knapman. Bringing more mad-cap adventures from Wally and Foulpest – an ogre with the best intentions who never quite gets it right! Young readers will giggle with glee. With adorable illustrations by Sarah Horne, this is a surefire winner for young fans of humour, with two stories in one brilliant package. (Book of the Month)
BOOK OF THE MONTH 2012 Great Read for 7+
A hilarious book with fantastic illustrations... wonderful characters... will be enjoyed by boys and girls alike
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hilarious... ideal for readers of 5+
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