Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates

Publication date: October, 2005
Mungo and teh Picture Book Pirates cover

Every night Mungo reads his favourite story, a swashbuckling tale of danger, kidnap and rescue. But one night the hero, Captain Fleet, isn’t there to save the day so Mungo takes a deep breath and bravely jumps into his very own pirate adventure. With a lot of courage and a little help from the Purple Berserker Bird, Mungo rescues Admiral Mainbrace and the plucky cabin girl Nora from the clutches of villainous Barnacle Bill and a host of horrible pirates 


Thrilling adventure
The Guardian
Laugh-out-loud funny
The Bookseller
This fantastic book
More bookish adventures here when the pirates in the bedtime story Mungo loves come to life. Suddenly, armed only with a teddy bear, Mungo is the hero of the swashbuckling adventures. Bold, cartoon style illustrations make this a lively night time romp
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