Mighty Small

Publication date: January, 2015
Mighty Small cover

Max may be mighty small . . . but he also has a mighty BIG secret. Max is a superhero!

So when he spots the circus clowns stealing bars of gold from the bank, there’s only one thing he can do.

Max leaps into action, crying, ‘Baddie pants, beware!’ and tracks the naughty clowns all the way back to their Big Top hide-out, where their boss, Mr Big, is waiting to fill his trunk with gold.

Will Max be able to overthrow scary Mr Big and return all the gold to the bank? Find out in this hilarious, action-packed superhero adventure that will have you cheering for the underdog!


A wonderfully uplifting adventure, bursting with energy and big, bright illustrations which shout from the rooftops that each of us has hidden strengths which can be put to good use, if only we persevere... Knapman, author of the successful Mungo series, has another hit on his hands.
Daily Mail
A whimsical and wonderfully amusing new picture book... Children will love mad Max... Packed with the big, brilliant illustrations of Rosie Reeve... hilarious and anarchic... Three mighty big cheers for a lovable little hero!
Lancashire Evening Post
Baddie Pants, Beware!’ Mighty Small is our crime stopping superhero in this hilarious tale about standing up for yourself and doing what is right. Mighty Small doesn’t have the usual talents that your average superhero might have: he isn’t particularly fast, strong or invisible. In fact, he isn’t entirely sure what his superpower actually is, and he certainly has a hard time trying to stop all the local baddies. It isn’t until a criminal circus comes to town that he discovers being himself and bravely standing up for ‘what is right’ is his power. A brilliant witty tale that encourages us all to channel our inner superhero.
Books For Keeps
We both really enjoyed this book. A 5/5... highly recommended
Father Reading Every Day
Works well as a read-aloud book, and would be good for sharing in playgroups and nurseries with large groups listening, or on a one-to-one basis. A good toddler introduction to superheroes!
The Book Bag