Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes!

Publication date: August, 2016
Dinosaur's Don't Have Bedtimes cover

Everyone has to brush their teeth, wash their hair and go to bed sometime – even dinosaurs!

From the author of Soon comes a raucous bedtime read-aloud – brimming with dinosaurs! Mum is trying to get her rather lively dino-obsessed child ready for bed, but this little boy won’t go easy … he’s got a dinosaur-themed comeback (and a ROARY action) for everything! Dinosaurs don’t have to eat all their dinner, wash their hair or brush their teeth … so why should he? And as bedtime beckons, the little boy gets more and more lost in his imaginative world… Will mum ever get him to close his eyes? With exuberant, hilarious dinosaur art from shining illustration talent, Nikki Dyson, this is the perfect story for children with wild imaginations (who refuse to go to sleep!).


A hilariously funny, energetic and well observed bedtime read from two hugely talented folk.
Read It Daddy
Simultaneously zany and true to life, this is a lovely book for mums and sons to share.
A firm favourite... delightful... the children love reading this... Perfect bedtime reading
Let Them Be Small
Fantastic... a great bedtime story for your little dinosaur
Jennifer Bell Tales on Moon Lane
In spite of the boy's poor behavior, no one will have any doubt of this mother's love as she tucks him tenderly in, the bright, busy digital illustrations speaking volumes,
Kirkus Reviews
Knapman slips occasional alliteration and rhyme into the exchanges ("Towel!" "GROWL!") to create a read-aloud-friendly cadence...When Bob Shea’s Dinosaur vs. Bedtime (2008) begins to pall, here’s an even wilder rumpus.
Booklist Online
The dinosaurs and their foolish antics will delight young listeners. This book does provide some teachable lessons about the best way to act. A roaring good read-aloud for dinosaur lovers and parents who have little ones like Mo.
School Library Journal