A Very Pirate Christmas

Publication date: October, 2014
A Very Pirate Christmas cover

A crew of scurvy pirates were lurking in the dark, savage as the stormy sea and greedy as a shark. 

They climbed aboard that flying sleigh and did a dreadful thing…They tied poor Father Christmas up with gift wrap and with string!

This delightful, twisted Christmas tale sees Father Christmas being captured by scurrilous robot pirates. The pirates then set about stealing the sleigh, pilfering the presents and generally ruining the holiday. What sort of Christmas morning is in store? Can anyone thwart the pirate Santa and rescue the real Father Christmas?

Tim’s funny, rhyming text is paired brilliantly with Russell Ayto’s distinctive, atmospheric artwork.

A rollicking, laugh-out-loud festive picture book that combines robots and pirates and Christmas into one fun and funny tale.


Crashing Santa and pirates together is a genius move and works really well to engage. The story, written in a perfect rhyme, whizzes along and is full of excitement, tension and humour. The illustrations are also very cool; comic style slices of page with quirky, angular characters.
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