Danni Hero

Danni Hero poster

Book and Lyrics by Timothy Knapman

Musical and Lyrics by Laurence Mark Wythe 

Commissioned by Made in Corby 

Produced by Perfect Pitch 

Danni McIntyre lives with her mum in a provincial town that has a great industrial past and an uncertain future.

But where Danni truly lives is in her head – in a wonderful fantasy world where she is a powerful superhero, sent to Earth from outer space to defend the human race and fight for all that is true and just. 

When a charismatic businessman turns up, promising to revitalise the town and bring it new prosperity, almost everyone is taken in – but not Danni.  She tries to show them the truth, but her words and actions are twisted by her enemies until she stands alone against the forces of darkness.  Can Danni find the strength to become the hero she’s always dreamed of being?

First performance: 

Originally performed as Danny Hero

The Core, Corby Cube  October 2016



Workshop and showcase: 

Originally performed as Danny Hero

The Core, Corby Cube; February, 2016

Directed by John Brant 

Musical Director Mark Collins 

Produced by Perfect Pitch